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My GPRThe Google Page Rank project is a library and a tool that allow you to query for the Google Page Rank of any public page.

The command line tool can be used to query a page with the following syntax:

googlerank [-r] [-t] '<url>'

The result is output in your console as:

<url> <rank>

Where the rank is a decimal number. This number may be negative if the rank is either not defined or an error occured while retrieving the information from Google.

The library works well with Qt applications. It offers one class named QGooglePageRank which is used to send a request to Google. The request may take some time so you can connect() to the googlePageRank() signal instead of waiting for the answer. In a Qt environment, this works asynchroneously in a seamless manner.

Detail information can be found in the library reference.

You can download libgooglerank from or directly download the Ubuntu package from launchpad.

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