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As I was checking some code, I though that I should write a note about good and bad practices.

When you create a table entry and want to use a form of status (or whatever other type of multi-state entry with a fairly small selection such as the sex of a person) you often think of using an enumeration or at least an integer. For a status, you could use 0 meaning off and 1 meaning on. Maybe you have a third status: 2, meaning it is on and shows a form to the user.

In general, this works as a great optimization. If you use a string such as "on", "off", "with-form", ...

My GPR (underlined)Today I finally released the Google Page Rank project (a Qt library extension and command line tool) as well as the iplock firewall tool.

I also created a page for the new project: libQtSerialization which is an XML serialization of data available in classes in a "compressed" way.

Google Page Rank

This library is written in C++ and works with the Qt framework. It captures the rank of your website pages and returns the result (or -1 if the page is not indexed by Google.)

The project includes a command line tool as an example of usage. That tool uses the library in a synchronous ...

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