advgetopt: Class List

advgetopt  2.0.1
Parse complex command line arguments and configuration files in C++.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NadvgetoptThe advgetopt environment to parse command line options  Nanonymous_namespace{conf_file.cpp}Private conf_file data  Cconf_mutex  Csafe_lockSafely lock/unlock a mutex  Nanonymous_namespace{validator.cpp}  Cvalidator_integer_factory  Cvalidator_regex_factory  CAlias  Cconf_file  Cconf_file_setup  CDefaultValue  CFlags  CgetoptClass used to parse command line options  Cgetopt_exceptionBase exception of the advgetopt class  Cgetopt_exception_defaultNo default and no value specified  Cgetopt_exception_exit  Cgetopt_exception_initialization  Cgetopt_exception_invalidAttempted to use some invalid data  Cgetopt_exception_logic  Cgetopt_exception_undefinedAttempting to access something that is undefined  Cgroup_description  CGroupDescription  CGroupName  CGroupNumber  CGroupValue  CHelp  Clogger  CName  CoptionStructure representing an option  Coption_info  Coption_info_ref  Coptions_environment  COptionValue  CSeparators  CShortName  CValidator  Cvalidator  Cvalidator_factory  Cvalidator_integer  Crange_t  Cvalidator_regex

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