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as2js  0.1.14
AlexScript to JavaScript
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  BUILD   contrib   as2js   include   as2js  as2js.h   include   as2js  compare.h  compiler.h  exceptions.h  float64.h  int64.h  json.h  lexer.h  message.h  node.h  optimizer.h  options.h  os_raii.h  parser.h  position.h  stream.h  string.h   lib  compiler.cpp  compiler_attributes.cpp  compiler_class.cpp  compiler_compile.cpp  compiler_directive.cpp  compiler_expression.cpp  compiler_function.cpp  compiler_package.cpp  compiler_program.cpp  compiler_statement.cpp  compiler_variable.cpp  db.cpp  db.h  json.cppImplementation of the JSON reader and writer  lexer.cpp  message.cpp  node.cppImplement the basic node functions  node_attribute.cppImplementation of the Node class attributes  node_compare.cppCompare two nodes against each others  node_convert.cppConvert a Node object to another type  node_display.cppHandle the display of a node  node_flag.cppHandle the node flags  node_lock.cppManage a node lock  node_operator.cppHandle operator types to string and from string  node_param.cppHandle nodes of type parameter  node_tree.cppHandle the node tree  node_type.cppImplement node type functions  node_value.cppDefine a set of functions used to change the value of literals  optimizer.cpp  optimizer_matches.cpp  optimizer_optimize.cpp  optimizer_tables.cpp  optimizer_tables.hDefinition of internal tables of the optimizer  options.cppImplementation of the Options object  os_raii.cpp  parser.cpp  parser_class.cpp  parser_directive.cpp  parser_expression.cpp  parser_function.cpp  parser_numeric_type.cpp  parser_package.cpp  parser_pragma.cpp  parser_program.cpp  parser_statement.cpp  parser_variable.cpp  position.cpp  rc.cpp  rc.h  stream.cpp  string.cppString implementation  version.cppDefine the version of the as2js library   src  as2js.cppThis file is the actual as2js compiler  license.cppThe license of as2js tools  license.hDeclaration of the license function

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