as2js: Namespace List

Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 Nanonymous_namespace{as2js.cpp}Private implementations of the as2js compiler, the actual tool  Nas2jsThe AlexScript to JavaScript namespace  Nanonymous_namespace{compiler_package.cpp}  Nanonymous_namespace{json.cpp}Private implementation functions  Nanonymous_namespace{lexer.cpp}The Lexer private functions to handle character types  Nanonymous_namespace{message.cpp}  Nanonymous_namespace{node_attribute.cpp}Anonymous namespace for attribute internal definitions  Nanonymous_namespace{node_operator.cpp}Internal structures and tables used to do operator conversions  Nanonymous_namespace{node_type.cpp}Private definitions of the node type  Nanonymous_namespace{rc.cpp}  Ncompare_utils  NOptimizer  Noptimizer_detailsThe optimizer sub-namespace  Nanonymous_namespace{optimizer_matches.cpp}Hide all optimizer compare implementation details  Nanonymous_namespace{optimizer_optimize.cpp}Hide all optimizer "optimize function" implementation details  Nanonymous_namespace{optimizer_tables.cpp}Hide all optimizer tables implementation details  Nas2js_tools  Nlicense

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