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as2js  0.1.14
AlexScript to JavaScript
node_operator.cpp File Reference

Handle operator types to string and from string. More...

#include "as2js/node.h"
#include "as2js/exceptions.h"
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Classes struct  as2js::anonymous_namespace{node_operator.cpp}::operator_to_string_t  Structure to define an operator. More...
  Namespaces  as2js  The AlexScript to JavaScript namespace.
   as2js::anonymous_namespace{node_operator.cpp}  Internal structures and tables used to do operator conversions.
  Variables operator_to_string_t const as2js::anonymous_namespace{node_operator.cpp}::g_operator_to_string []  Table of operators and operator names. More...
  size_t const as2js::anonymous_namespace{node_operator.cpp}::g_operator_to_string_size = sizeof(g_operator_to_string) / sizeof(g_operator_to_string[0])  The size of the g_operator_to_string table. More...
  Detailed Description

The as2js compiler allows you to overload operators in your classes. This feature requires us to know about the operator name as a string, not just a type such as NODE_ADD. This file implements two functions to convert operators types to and from strings.

Definition in file node_operator.cpp.

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