as2js: as2js::anonymous_namespace{lexer.cpp}::identifier_characters_t Struct Reference

as2js::anonymous_namespace{lexer.cpp}::identifier_characters_t Struct Reference

Define one valid range of characters. More...

Public Member Functions bool operator< (identifier_characters_t const &rhs)   Public Attributes as_char_t f_max   as_char_t f_min   Detailed Description

This structure defines the range of characters that represent letters viewed as being valid in EMCAScript version 5.

The range is defined as min/max pairs. The two values are inclusive.

Definition at line 62 of file lexer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation
bool as2js::anonymous_namespace{lexer.cpp}::identifier_characters_t::operator< ( identifier_characters_t const &  rhs) inline

Definition at line 64 of file lexer.cpp.

References f_min.

Member Data Documentation
as_char_t as2js::anonymous_namespace{lexer.cpp}::identifier_characters_t::f_max

Definition at line 70 of file lexer.cpp.

as_char_t as2js::anonymous_namespace{lexer.cpp}::identifier_characters_t::f_min

Definition at line 69 of file lexer.cpp.

Referenced by as2js::Lexer::char_type(), and operator<().

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