cppthread: Class List

Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Ncppthread  Ndetail  Cmutex_impl  Ccppthread_exceptionTo catch any thread exception, catch this base thread exception  Ccppthread_exception_in_use_errorOne thread runner can be attached to one thread  Ccppthread_exception_invalid_errorAn invalid parameter or value was detected  Ccppthread_exception_mutex_failed_errorA mutex failed  Ccppthread_exception_not_locked_errorA mutex cannot be unlocked if not locked  Ccppthread_exception_not_locked_once_errorWhen calling wait() the mutex should be locked once  Ccppthread_exception_not_startedTried to start a thread and it failed  Ccppthread_exception_system_errorWe called a system function and it failed  Ccppthread_logic_error  CfifoCreate a thread safe FIFO  CguardLock a mutex in an RAII manner  ClifeAn RAII class managing the lifetime of a thread  CmutexA mutex object to ensures atomicity  CpoolManage a pool of worker threads  Cworker_thread_tClass used to manage the worker and worker thread  CrunnerThe runner is the class that wraps the actual system thread  Csystem_mutex  CthreadA thread object that ensures proper usage of system threads  CworkerA runner augmentation allowing for worker threads

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