iplock: iplock::command Class Reference

iplock  3.0.18
A command line tool to add and remove rules from your firewall without you having to be root.

#include <iplock.h>

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Public Types typedef std::shared_ptr< commandpointer_t   Public Member Functions  command (iplock *parent, char const *command_name, advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t opt)    command (command const &rhs)=delete   virtual ~command ()   commandoperator= (command const &rhs)=delete   virtual void run ()=0   Protected Member Functions void verify_ip (std::string const &ip)   Protected Attributes std::string f_chain = std::string("unwanted")   std::string f_interface = std::string("eth0")   iplockf_iplock = nullptr   advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t f_iplock_opt = advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t()   advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t f_opt = advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t()   bool const f_quiet   bool const f_verbose   Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file iplock.h.

Member Typedef Documentation
typedef std::shared_ptr<command> iplock::command::pointer_t

Definition at line 41 of file iplock.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation
iplock::command::command ( iplockparent, char const *  command_name, advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t  opt  )
iplock::command::command ( command const &  rhs) delete
iplock::command::~command ( ) virtual

Definition at line 691 of file iplock.cpp.

Member Function Documentation
command& iplock::command::operator= ( command const &  rhs) delete
virtual void iplock::command::run ( ) pure virtual
void iplock::command::verify_ip ( std::string const &  ip) protected

Definition at line 696 of file iplock.cpp.

References iplock::scheme::scheme().

Referenced by iplock::block_or_unblock::handle_ips(), and iplock::count::run().

Member Data Documentation
std::string iplock::command::f_chain = std::string("unwanted") protected
std::string iplock::command::f_interface = std::string("eth0") protected
iplock* iplock::command::f_iplock = nullptr protected

Definition at line 54 of file iplock.h.

Referenced by iplock::batch::run().

advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t iplock::command::f_iplock_opt = advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t() protected
advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t iplock::command::f_opt = advgetopt::getopt::pointer_t() protected
bool const iplock::command::f_quiet protected
bool const iplock::command::f_verbose protected

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