libQtCassandra: Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
QtCassandra::QCassandraThe Cassandra class definition
QtCassandra::QCassandraCellA cell holds a name and value pair
QtCassandra::QCassandraColumnDefinitionHold a Cassandra column definition
QtCassandra::QCassandraColumnDefinitionPrivateOverload the ColumnDef to handle details
QtCassandra::QCassandraColumnNamePredicateA column predicate using a list of column names
QtCassandra::QCassandraColumnPredicateTest to search for columns
QtCassandra::QCassandraColumnRangePredicateDefine a range of columns
QtCassandra::QCassandraContextHold a Cassandra keyspace definition
QtCassandra::QCassandraContextPrivateOverload the KsDef to handle details
QtCassandra::QCassandraPrivatePrivate data for the QCassandra class
QtCassandra::QCassandraRowThe row class to hold a set of cells
QtCassandra::QCassandraRowPredicateThe row predicate to constrain the number of rows to return
QtCassandra::QCassandraTableDefines a table and may hold a Cassandra column family definition
QtCassandra::QCassandraTablePrivateOverload the CfDef to handle details
QtCassandra::QCassandraValueHolds a cell value
QObjectThis declaration is a stub for the documentation

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