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The Snap! C++ environment includes a library, plugins, tools, and the necessary executables to run the snap server: a fast C++ CMS (Content Management System).

The Database Environment in Snap! C++

The database makes use of a Cassandra cluster. It is accessed using the libQtCassandra class.

Usage of TODO, XXX, and TBD

The TODO mark within the code is used to talk about things that are necessary but not yet implemented. The further we progress the less of these we should see as we implement each one of them as required.

The XXX mark within the code are things that should be done, although it is most generally linked with a question: is it really necessary? It can also be a question about the hard coded value (is 5 minutes the right amount of time to wait between random session changes?) In most cases these should disappear as we get the answer to the questions. In effect they are between the TODO and the TBD.

The TBD mark is a pure question: Is that code valid? A TBD does not mean that the code needs change just that we cannot really decide, at the time it get written, whether it is correct or not. With time (especially in terms of usage) we should be able to answer the question and transform the question in a comment explaining why the code is one way or the other. Of course, if proven wrong, the code is to be changed to better fit the needs.

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