libtld: Class List

libtld  1.5.13
A library to determine the Top-Level Domain name of any URL.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Nsnap[internal] Namespace used by the TLD parser
 Ctld_info[internal] Class used to transform the XML data to TLD info structures
 Cemail_field_typesStructure used to define a set of fields to test
 Cinvalid_domainException thrown when querying for data of an invalid domain
 Cinvalid_emailDefine an invalid email
 Ctest_infoStructure used to define many tests to run against the tld_check_uri() function
 Ctld_descriptionDescription of a TLD
 Ctld_emailParts of one email
 Ctld_email_listThe C++ side of the email list implementation
 Ctld_email_tParts of one email
 Ctld_infoSet of information returned by the tld() function
 Ctld_objectClass used to ease the use o the tld() function in C++
 Cvalid_emailDefine a valid email string

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