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libtld  1.5.13
A library to determine the Top-Level Domain name of any URL.
src Directory Reference
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file  tld.c [code]
 Implementation of the TLD parser library.
file  tld_data.c [code]
 GENERATED FILE – the tld_data.c file is generated – DO NOT EDIT.
file  tld_data.h [code]
 Declaration of the tld_description structure.
file  tld_domain_to_lowercase.c [code]
 Force lowercase for all characters in the domain name.
file  tld_emails.cpp [code]
 Implementation of an email parser.
file  tld_object.cpp [code]
 Declaration of the C++ tld_object class.
file  tld_parser.cpp [code]
 Parser of the tld_data.xml file.
file  validate_tld.cpp [code]
 Command line tool to validate TLDs.

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