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snapdbproxy  1.7.14
The proxy service to access the Cassandra cluster.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CsnapdbproxyClass handling the proxying of the database requests and answers  Csnapdbproxy_connection  Cbatch_t  Ccursor_t  Csnapdbproxy_initializer  Csnapdbproxy_initializer_thread  Csnapdbproxy_interruptHandle the SIGINT Unix signal  Csnapdbproxy_listenerHandle new connections from clients  Csnapdbproxy_messengerHandle messages from the Snap Communicator server  Csnapdbproxy_nocassandra  Csnapdbproxy_statuschanged  Csnapdbproxy_thread  Csnapdbproxy_timerProvide a tick in can we cannot immediately connect to Cassandra  Csnaplock_nocassandraHandle the SIGUSR1 Unix signal  Csnaplock_statuschangedHandle the SIGUSR2 Unix signal

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