snaplock: snaplock::anonymous_namespace{snaplock.cpp} Namespace Reference

snaplock::anonymous_namespace{snaplock.cpp} Namespace Reference
Variables advgetopt::option const g_options []   advgetopt::options_environment const g_options_environment   Variable Documentation
advgetopt::option const snaplock::anonymous_namespace{snaplock.cpp}::g_options[]

Definition at line 126 of file snaplock.cpp.

advgetopt::options_environment const snaplock::anonymous_namespace{snaplock.cpp}::g_options_environment
Initial value:
.f_project_name = "snapwebsites",
.f_options = g_options,
.f_options_files_directory = nullptr,
.f_environment_variable_name = "SNAPLOCK_OPTIONS",
.f_configuration_files = nullptr,
.f_configuration_filename = nullptr,
.f_configuration_directories = nullptr,
.f_help_header = "Usage: %p [-<opt>]\n"
"where -<opt> is one or more of:",
.f_help_footer = "%c",
.f_license = "GNU GPL v2",
.f_copyright = "Copyright (c) 2013-"
" by Made to Order Software Corporation -- All Rights Reserved",
advgetopt::option const g_options[]
Definition: snaplock.cpp:126

Definition at line 192 of file snaplock.cpp.

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