snaplock: snaplock.h File Reference

snaplock  1.7.14
The multi-computer lock service.
snaplock.h File Reference
#include <snapwebsites/snap_communicator.h>
#include <snapwebsites/snap_communicator_dispatcher.h>
#include <snapwebsites/snap_exception.h>
#include <snapwebsites/snap_lock.h>
#include <snapwebsites/snapwebsites.h>
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Classes class  snaplock::snaplock::computer_t   struct  snaplock::snaplock::message_cache   class  snaplock::snaplock   class  snaplock::snaplock_debug_info  Handle the SIGUSR2 Unix signal. More...
  class  snaplock::snaplock_exception   class  snaplock::snaplock_exception_content_invalid_usage   class  snaplock::snaplock_info  Handle the SIGUSR1 Unix signal. More...
  class  snaplock::snaplock_interrupt  Handle the SIGINT Unix signal. More...
  class  snaplock::snaplock_messenger  Handle messages from the Snap Communicator server. More...
  class  snaplock::snaplock_ticket  Handle the ticket messages. More...
  class  snaplock::snaplock_timer  Handle the locks timeout. More...
  class  snaplock::snaplock_tool  Handle snaplock command line commands. More...
  struct  snaplock::ticket_info_t   Namespaces  snaplock  

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