snaplogger: snaplogger::severity Class Reference

snaplogger  1.0.0
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snaplogger::severity Class Reference
Public Types typedef std::shared_ptr< severitypointer_t   Public Member Functions  severity (severity_t sev, std::string const &name, bool system=false)   void add_alias (std::string const &name)   string_vector_t get_aliases () const   string_vector_t get_all_names () const   std::string get_description () const   std::string get_name () const   severity_t get_severity () const   std::string get_styles () const   bool is_system () const   void set_description (std::string const &description)   void set_styles (std::string const &color)   Private Attributes std::string f_description = std::string()   string_vector_t f_names = string_vector_t()   severity_t const f_severity   std::string f_styles = std::string()   bool const f_system   Detailed Description

Definition at line 88 of file severity.h.

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  • /home/snapwebsites/snapcpp/contrib/snaplogger/snaplogger/severity.cpp

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