libtld 1.4.0 available with strong email check

With version 1.4.0 of the libtld we bring to you one additional feature in Internet identifier verification: check that a list of email addresses is indeed valid.

If you search for a way to verify an email address then the libtld is your solution. It will not only check that the email address is valid (only include characters that are acceptable as per RFC 5322,) it will also look at the domain name TLD and verify that the specified domain is indeed valid.

Along the way we also worked on getting the library to compile with Visual Studio 10+ and Cygwin so you can make use of it under MS-Windows now. It will also compile under Darwin and it should be very easy to convert for SunOS and FreeBSD.

Also I ameliorated the documentation to better describe what programmers get. The library can instantly be used by C, C++, and PHP programmers.

Finally, to allow people writing scripts to check URIs and emails, the library now includes a command line tool called validate_tld that accepts any number of parameters to be checked with the libtld library. For example, you could write something like this to validate a URI that a user entered on the command line:

# Parameter 1 is expected to be an HTTP location
if ! validate_tld --schemes http,https "$1"
  echo "error: \"$1\" is not a valid HTTP[S] URI."
  exit 1

The library also includes a script to run a coverage test over the entire library. Version 1.4.0 is 100% covered (although that does not mean it does not include some bugs... it does anyway!)

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