Sitter -- tools to closely watch your serversThe sitter project is a daemon, plugins, and tools that can be used to watch a computer to make sure that it runs smoothly.

It has the ability to verify that a process is running. A service responds to a ping. That the memory is not maxed out. Ensure the disk drive is not close to being full. Etc.


Security Check

The Sitter also has the ablity to go through your computer files to determine whether they were changed or not. It communicates with an external system which cannot be tempered (because it has no service allowing you to connect for anything other than the Sitter's check.

This is similar to the Tripwire software except that it automatically verifies the latest software by downloading it on the two systems instead of one system comparing to itself from the day before.

Coverage Test Results

Available soon...

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The library has a test suite that covers 100% of the code, making it a little more certain that it does not include too many bugs. We try to run the tests each time we create a new version to ensure that it works as expected.


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