libtld 1.4.22 published

I just published libtld version 1.4.22 to include many new gTLDs and also mark a few as deprecated or correct some that were considered private and not defined by a country (or vice versa.)

This includes many of the INA accepted TLDs such as .site and .love.

It also includes many new TLDs that are in a language other than English (or at least using Latin letters.) Japan actually got 47 new domain names in Japanese. Several Arab countries and Pakistan got such domains too.

There are also many new brand extensions.

What would be required now is a better set of categories, and actually, a better at categorizing TLDs since some top level domain name can easily fit in multiple categories (i.e. the names in the "general" category could easily be sub-categorized. For example, .tennis is a general Internet name, it is also part of the Sport category.)

As usual, if you find a problem, don't hesitate to contact me. The preferred way to post about a problem in the library is to log in your account and create a Ticket.

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