libQtCassandra potential problem

As I was working on the antihammering plugin for Snap!, I wanted to use the count() feature to quickly know how many hits there are for a given amount of time.

Only as I did that, I noticed that the count() was blocked at 100. The problem was that the predicate used at the lower layer in libQtCassandra would actually set the count maximum to 100 by default.

I think that since the count function only counts the columns of interest, that it goes really fast no matter what the counter maximum is and whether you have a predicate or not. So I changed the lower layer implementation to force the maximum counter to the largest possible number, which is 2^31 - 1 or 0x7FFFFFFF (which is the maximum number of columns you can create in a single row.)

Now my counters return the correct response every time.

The fix is checked in, I am planning to soon create a new tarball on to make it easy for you to down.

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