Zipios++ version 2.1.1 published

The Zipios library was scanned using Coverity and we found a couple of variable members that were not initialized. Version 2.1.1 fixes these problems.

There were a few other fixes along the road that were really not major but are included in this version of the library. There is the changelog information:

  • Fixed a couple of class initializations that were missing.
  • Fixed a few system() call of which return values were not checked.
  • Added a BUILD_ZIPIOS_TESTS cmake option flag.
  • Fixed reference to README as as it is called now.
  • Allow for ZIPIOS_WINDOWS to compile under MS-Windows.
  • Added an ssize_t definition for Windows.
  • Removed the "catch_" prefix from all test names.
  • Fixed some copyright notices.
  • Cleaned up the coverage script.
  • Added the BUILD_SHARED_LIBS and BUILD_DOCUMENTATION options to cmake.
  • Fixed the FindZipIos.cmake file so it uses the correct names.
  • Also make the destination directory for FindZipIos.cmake a variable.
  • Enhanced the installation directory handling in cmake.

Download: zipios v2.1.1 on Sourceforge

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