libtld 1.5.9 available with many new TLDs

I finally went back to libtld to make the tests work with the newest version so that way I could make a new upload on

This newer version includes all the newer (and removed!) TLDs as of Jan 2018.

The TLDs are a fast moving target since those many additions accepted by ICANN, although most of the newest additions were in link with three or four countries and mainly commercial endeavors (i.e. a domain that offers sub-domains for sale.)

The new version also includes a PPA package as we have updated that part of our code so it compiles like a charm on If you are running with Ubuntu (and probably Debian and other Debian versions of Linux) then you can just get that .deb file and go for it!

One of the major changes since version 1.5.0 is the fact that we now don't allow spaces in domain names (or sub-domains) or in the username of an email address. This can cause all sorts of problems, not just in Snap! and libtld, but all over the Internet. In any event, I've never seen someone using an email address with a space in it. That's not too sensible even if allowed by the standard.

Sorry that it too me so long to make an update, the problem I ran into was that many of the tests would fail in various ways. Nothing major, but quite a few small changes were required to run all of those again. It's good to have full coverage of your code, though!

I also updated the copyright notice since we're now in 2018 and would need the notice updated either way. I actually have a script to do the update so it's really fast (Except for the problem it caused in one file, of course.)


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