Cassandra View (cassview)


We created a graphical based tool to check out a Cassandra database. Because of the possible cheer size of a Cassandra database, the tool is somewhat limited. At this time it will only really work well on smaller database, This is particularly practical for development when you test new things and want to make sure that the database includes the data that you expect of your tool.


The source is available at in our project git.

You may also install it from our Snap! C++ Launchpad PPA if you run Ubuntu. In that case, add the repository this way:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:snapcpp/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Then install one of the library packages with the install command:

sudo apt-get install cassview

List of currently available Snap! C++ packages.


You got a problem with the cassview tool? An idea to improve it? Please post a ticket in the Support area of


We use cmake to compile the library from source.

The tool links against the snapwebsites library so that way it can share a certain number of functionalities that the Snap! environment also makes use of.

As a result it depends on all the libraries that the snapwebsites library makes use of (libQtCassandra, libQtSerialization, advgetpt, zipios, thrift, etc.)


This tool is not currently documented, although it is a graphical tool and thus most of it is rather easy to figure out. Note that the current version is not 100% complete.

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