The ftmesh project is used to read a font and transform it in a list of triangles (i.e. ft → font; list of triangles → mesh).

The handling and math are based on the ftgles project.

The library loads FreeType fonts or any other font supported by the FreeType library and which supports vectors. It then transforms the polygons in meshes. A single character may be represented by multiple meshes; for example, the character "i" has a dot which has to be a separate mesh to work as expected.

The advance in a string takes the kerning in account if present.

Note: the library doesn't render anything. It only generates vectors which you can then use to render the glyphs after, for example, applying transformations.

Source: ftmesh

Coverage Test Results

Access full page here.

The library has a test suite that covers 100% of the code, making it a little more certain that it does not include too many bugs. We try to run the tests each time we create a new version to ensure that it works as expected.


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