The libQtCassandra library has had a bug that would create a cell when testing for its existance. This has been very annoying because I had to use a different mechanism to check whether a cell exists instead of calling the simple and effective QCassandraRow::exists() function.

The function would call the table function necessary to read the content of a cell in the Cassandra cluster. The function returns true or false. If false, the data was not retrieved and thus the cell does not exist. However, the row function was not testing the result and a couple lines below it would do a setValue() ...

Progress on Snap! C++

Feeling like I need to write a note about the progress on the project.

If you have been around a little bit, you may have noticed that we added Projects on the website. The tarballs are actually available from (which offers much bigger pipes for download!)

As we are moving forward, we are nearing a point were our basic installation will be available. We'll offer Snap! v0.1 once we get a full set of source packages that install properly in our Debian environment (we're actually using Ubuntu.)

At this point, we can receive requests from Apache and spit out a page, but ...

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