I cannot comment?!

Actually, you can comment on newer blog posts when they occur (i.e. infrequently!)

But we otherwise turned off the comment feature because 99.9% is not constructive (yes, spam.) So there is no point for us to support such. Plus has a better feature with their tickets which (1) rarely transmit spam (actually I don't recall receiving any in a long while!) and (2) we can track the conversations as separate threads.

So this website automatically closes the comments on pages that are a few months old. After that, no more comments. In other words, pretty much all of the ...

As I am working on an advanced Drupal website I found out that running heavy backend work on that site was quite a feat (i.e. the cron.php feature.) The fact is that some tasks require you to be an administrator. For example, if you want the system to automatically delete a page (called "node" under Drupal) then you need to be a user that can delete pages, otherwise it will fail (i.e. not enough rights.)

One simple way to palliate is to load a user with enough rights, proceed with the deletion, and then restore the anonymous user.

  global $user;

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