I updated the old version of zipios to version 0.1.7 as a DoS bug was found in the older version (0.1.5).

The bug was found and fixed by Mike Salvatore of Salvator Security.

I noticed another potential problem with a second loop, so I enhanced the patch a bit.

Mike got CVE-2019-13453 registered. He also made a post about how the bug was discovered and fixed.

If you are using any version of Zipios++ version 0.1.5 (or the CVS source code) or any of the older versions, you want to upgrade to version 0.1.7 as soon as possible. The interface is exactly the same so the upgrade should be ...

I'm working on an update of libQtCassandra so it works with 1.1.0 of Cassandra (and 0.8.0 of Thrift.) The update will also include additional tests and hopefully enhance the interface to support super-columns and columns with multiple names (a:b:c...) If time allows, I may even add counters.


The compilation of the Cassandra interface with Thrift 0.8.0 did not compile as is. I had to make many fixes so that g++ compiled the output and changes to the libQtCassandra library too. It seems that Thrift removed a certain number of headers. It is also possible that the newer version ...

Many updates today!

My GPR (underlined)Today I finally released the Google Page Rank project (a Qt library extension and command line tool) as well as the iplock firewall tool.

I also created a page for the new project: libQtSerialization which is an XML serialization of data available in classes in a "compressed" way.

Google Page Rank

This library is written in C++ and works with the Qt framework. It captures the rank of your website pages and returns the result (or -1 if the page is not indexed by Google.)

The project includes a command line tool as an example of usage. That tool uses the library in a synchronous ...

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