The images plugin is used to tweak images, generate images from documents such as a PDF file, and whenever possible to optimize an image (i.e. you upload a 2000x1500 image that you show at a size of 500x325, Snap! can create an image of that smaller size automatically which will accelerate the download dramatically.)

The plugin offers an editor that allows one to write image scripts. These scripts can be used to tweak images in a completely automated way. For example, you create a blog and want to be able to add one image at the top right of each page. That image should have a nice edge, a shadow, and an effect over the image such as blinds (horizontal lines of a certain color are drawn every other line.) By creating a script in this way, each time you add the top-right image to your blog, it can automatically be processed by the script. No more manual work for each post (unless you want different effects each time, of course.)

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