Cookie Consent feature (European Cookie Law) [core]

The European Union decided that it would be best if websites were to tell you that they are using cookies. This is important for many people who want to protect their freedom.

Unfortunately, without cookies many things cannot be achieved in a website. However, you may have a clear policy that spells out what you do with cookies (i.e. cook them, eat them, market them...) and that way people can decide to use your website further or not.

This is done by displaying a very clear pop-up, most often at the bottom of the screen, which gives the user a way to go to the page describing your cookie rules and a way to dismiss the message.

Snap! Websites supports a plugin giving you a very easy way to setup the Cookie Consent plugin offered by silktide. We added website settings so one can setup the extension directly from Snap! without having to do anything. We also have a copy of the JavaScript code (mainly because of the way Snap! functions and does not currently allow for external JavaScripts to function.) At this point only the CSS is gathered from the silktide servers.

This plugin is ready for production.

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