csspp 1.0.5 published

The first version of csspp which with 100% coverage tests is now out. The .tar.gz is not yet available because SourceForge.net still has a few problems... but you can grab the source from the GIT repository.

The library (and thus command line tool) include support for a very large number of internal functions, variables, user defined functions (without support for the @return yet), nested rules, nested attributes, C/C++ like expressions, arrays, maps, color operations, etc.

The expression support the following types:

  • Integer (numbers without a period)
  • Decimal number
  • Percentage
  • Boolean (the identifiers "true" or "false", result of relational comparisons)
  • String
  • Color, as hash definitions (#121212) or an identifier naming a color (teal, chocolate, marron, etc.)
  • Unicode Range
  • URL
  • NULL

Most of the operators are supported:

  • - and + -- unary operators to negate or compute the entity; these require spaces
  • ** -- the power operator works on numbers
  • * -- multiply numbers, duplicate strings, compute unicode range intersections
  • / -- divide numbers; some fields do not support this operator unless written between parenthesis or as the identifier div
  • % -- compute modulos
  • + -- add numbers, concatenate strings
  • - -- subtract numbers
  • <, <=, >, >= -- relational operators work on numbers, booleans, and strings
  • =, != -- equality operators work on numbers, booleans, strings, and colors
  • &&, || -- logical and and or operators; work on booleans, numbers, etc.
  • ?: -- the C/C++ conditional operator
  • := -- variable assignment
  • () -- array and map definitions

And expressions support many internal functions (still to be grown!):

  • algebra: abs, ceil, floor, log, max, min, random, round, sign, sqrt
  • boolean: not
  • color: alpha, blue, frgb, frgba, green, hsl, hsla, hue, lightness, red, rgb, rgba, saturation
  • conversion: decimal_number, identifier, integer, percentage, string, unit
  • string: str_length, unique_id
  • system: function_exists, global_variable_exists, if, inspect, type_of, variable_exists
  • trigonometry: acos, asin, atan, cos, sin, tan


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