Comment feature

We want a super slick comment feature a la WordPress were:

1. The comment is written and shown immediately as if it were accepted (using JS)

2. The comment is sent to the server with AJAX

3. If the comment includes an email address query for an avatar using the avatar plugin (i.e. part of the AJAX reply).

4. AJAX checks whether a new comment was posted and displays it (i.e. if user A wrote a comment and user B is on the same page, then user B sees user A comment not too long afterward; in effect, the same functionality as the Facebook comments)

5. If the comment was a reply to another comment, or if anyone is listening to the comments on this page, or all the comments on the website then send an email with a copy of the comment.

6. Using the current user cookie (assuming the user accepted such) allow the user to edit or completely delete the comment for some time (15 min. by default); this is for non-registered users.

7. Give the user the possibility to tag the comment in various ways (i.e. similar to writing a Sticky Notes feature

8. Offer a comment Feed feature [core] (Atom, RSS 2.0, etc.).

9. Give administrators a very easy way to verify comments (especially to remove spam).

Note, since we can detect on the client that JS is not available, the JS feature would not be offered for those users (i.e. the comment area is a regular form that sends a POST.)


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