Sub-domain support

Sub-Domain Support

As mentioned on our previous page, it is possible to make use of sub-domains.

For example, you can use a language sub-domain as in

We will support different kind of sub-domains to allow for different website setup.

Website Selectors

By default sub-domains are used in the website selection process (see the URL Basics page for detailed information on selecting a website.)

Data Selectors

The language example is called a selector. It allows you to select a different set of data within the same website. Some of the parts defined in the URL path can also be used as selectors.

For example, the language selector for the Documentation page will choose the English version if the language is set to 'en'.

The Core system supports the following selectors:

  1. Language (en, fr, de, etc.)
  2. Revisions, enabling multiple people to work on the same data and keep information about all the changes
  3. Branches, enabling users to have a currently visible version with its own list of revisions, a new branch for the next version of that page, and old branches with all the old versions of that page

Other selectors may be added as time passes.

Protocol Selectors

As mentioned in the Protocol page, it is possible to change the protocol using a sub-domain.

For example www. may force HTTP and secure. may force HTTPS1.

The protocol selector is not expected to be used to change the data included in a page although it would be possible to do so. However, the concept is expected to be used to force one or the other depending on the page (i.e. if you go to your User log in page, then you're sent to the secure version and cannot access a non-secure version (although the URL exists, the system will always force a redirect to the secure version.)

For example, when you try to go to that page on the Made to Order Software website:

You are automatically sent to this page instead:

This ensures that your log in information is encrypted when traveling on the wire.

  • 1. The system may be setup to never convert back to HTTP once in HTTPS. In that case the www. selector would be ignored.

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