Action Tracker [core]

Whenever a customer reports what he's doing on your website installation, he has no real clue what he did or did not.

This plugin is intended to track each move of the user. This is each click that hit the server that end up saved in the tracker table and includes the date and time when the click happened and the complete URI.

This is indexed using the user email address.

It is only accessible by the administrator of the website and thus can be made available to software developers who need to find bugs that are otherwise very difficult to fathom.

For security reasons, by default the data should be made very ephemeral. If someone reports a problem, it should be worked on quickly and the data saved on the developer disk as required. Otherwise, the Cassandra database should be able to delete the data within 3 days or so.

The plugin has to come with a command line tool that allows for the extraction of the data without having to use something clunky such as snapdb.

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