Categorization feature (tags, hashtags, taxonomy) [core]

The system offers a taxonomy content type. That one content type includes content pages which define a tag1.

The top tags (parent most) can be considered vocabularies or categories.

Children of those vocabularies are tags or terms. Each gain the full benefit of being a content object with definitions, links, next/previous, parent/child, etc.

Different plugins will create their own category. For example, the permission system needs to categorize all of its permissions (also content data.) This is done with the categorization plugin.

To Be Noted

Since permissions are also applied on content, there is a loop between plugins dependencies here. Permissions make use of categories which make use of content which make use of permissions. Yet, this is part of the Core of the Snap! system so it is not the end of the world.

The List feature can of course list categories just like any other pages and also use categories to find all the pages of a specific category or set thereof.

Categorizations are used to categorizes users (i.e. the user Role, Group, Age Range...)


We support hashtags, although you have to be careful in case your website allows software programmers or other people who would use the # character for other purposes than tagging.

The idea is very simple: write a hash before a word, and it gets transformed in a tag. That allows one to create tags without having to do anything special. Although the tag is auto-created, it should rarely be a problem as the hashtag feature uses its own list of tags. So you can have regular tags and hashtags on the same site (you can also decide to merge both.)

The settings let you decide whether the hash character is shown in the output or not and whether the word should be made a visible link, invisible link, or a bottom of the page tag.

Development Status

Note we can already tag pages (see Links between rows) however the taxonomy per se does not exist yet because we do not offer any way to edit it or tag pages. Once that is implemented, we'll set this to alpha or beta as far as development status is concerned.

See List feature [core]

  • 1. Should we allow one content type per category? In other words, we'd have one content type for permissions and one content type for the categorization (grouping) of the permissions -- I think that our implementation is pretty much like that already.

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