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There are features that are of interest but are not otherwise available in all Browsers. Those that are not available in Internet Explorer should be built in JavaScript whenever possible.

The following are features I have found on different websites and that are not possible as is with Internet Explorer but can be achieved with the use of JavaScript.

Shadow, Glow, etc.

More and more people like to add a shadow on text. Most browsers already support shadows on boxes so no worries there, but on text, that's not supportted as is by Internet Explorer. However, IE accepts special instructions that can be used to graphically transform any object.

The result is generally close enough to a normal shadow, so it is a good idea to offer such a solution.


When writing an article similar to a newspaper, then it generally is a good idea to write it in columns. Most often, 3 or 4 columns with a gap in between and eventually a border.

This can be done using CSS 3 (Firefox, Chrome, IE10+... probably not supported by Opera) There is a JavaScript that can offer that feature! This is quite interesting because it can be used for all sorts of effects, not just standard columns (i.e. you could have a long text that is cut into "columns" (blocks) and displayed when you click on a next/previous arrow--if the cut appends on the client's system, then it always happens "at the right place"/on the correct line for the font on that computer + browser.)

Plus, we could manage images correctly using a script, whereas the auto-columns would not be capable of doing so (as far as I know, especially images that span over multiple columns.)

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