Status Report feature [core]

As you connect to your website, you want to know what needs to be maintained in order for your site to look at its best.

This includes a large set of things, some of which may not be shown to the user unless the user is pro-active and goes to a full status report for his website.

Things that should be shown to the user as he works on his website are:

  • Version of each element used with Snap! (Page of Versions is done--we should still show the main library version in the status)
  • Broken Links (maybe limited to 3 in the on-screen report + a link to the page(s) of content where the user needs to go to fix those problems.)
  • Comments and other content that needs moderation (again maybe just the 3 most important ones on the screen and a link to go to the pages that need moderation.)
  • Large number of hits on non-existant pages, maybe you could create those pages or create a redirect to avoid the 404 (assuming the hits are not just from search engines.)
  • Some basic statistics from the website such as number of hits and for specific pages such as the landing pages, heat maps.
  • Available updates, assuming that we offer ready-made updates for 3rd party websites, we could have a test to see whether new plugins are available.

This can appear in an overlay that the user can remove permanently or temporarily (i.e. for 15 min., for this session, for today...) This overlay would appear on any one page the user goes to. This way the user doesn't need to go to a special status report page and still maintain his website really neatly.

See also Page Dynamic Fields (PDF) feature

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